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Rexroth 2FRE of 2FRE6 2FRE10 2FRE16 Proportional governor va

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Rexroth 2FRE of 2FRE6 2FRE10 2FRE16 Proportional governor valve 2FRE10-44/25LBK4M

product manual: 1. Oblique axial piston pump for open loop hydrostatic transmission 2. Flow rate and drive speed and displacement is proportional to the constant drive speed, the infinity can change 3. The control unit is available for each control and adjustment function 4. Work with mineral oil and fire resistant liquids Structural features: 1. High-performance rotating components and spherical with oil pan, can achieve automatic alignment, low-cycle, high efficiency 2. The drive shaft can withstand radial loads 3.Long life 4. Low noise level 6. New high-performance rotary assembly with proven technical data and a tested spherical oil pan 7. Compact structure
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